• Turn Your Old Gold and Diamonds Into New Jewelry

    Do you have old jewelry made of diamonds and gold or other gemstones that you want to remount or remake into brand new jewelry? We can help you rec...

    Want to sell Chanel jewelry quickly?  You can email us with your item info and pictures at or text us at 213-629-3661 Ben Danni...
  • Sell Your Cartier Juste UN Clou Bracelet In Los Angeles?

    Sell your cartier juste en clou


  • Panerai Pam 233 LUMINOR 1950

    Recognizing a Classic: The Panerai PAM0233, An Icon Among Modern Panerai Watches

  • Sell Your Panerai Watch With A Great Experience

    How To Sell Your Panerai Watch

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  • Panerai Pam 1312 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Day Review

    Panerai Pam 1312 Luminor Marina 1950 3 Day Review


  • Halo vs. Solitaire: Judging the look

    Judging the look: Halo vs. Solitaire


    The solitaire ring is the most timeless choice for your engagement ring. It’s



    Adding a diamond halo around your center stone is a a great way to increase the look of the size of your center stone.

  • A Cool New Jewelry Accessory : The Gold Hand Chain



    Hand chains have made a solid advance in popularity in recent times. However, even though hand chains are now mainstream in Western society, they have been a part of Indian traditions for a long time. Hathphool is the Hindi word for the design, which translates to "hand flower", clearly denoting the beauty and delicacy of the adornment. They are commonly worn in weddings but today are perfect for daily wear or even a fancy dinner out. Hand chains are a cool and unexpected addition your outfit and can have many different designs and looks for different purposes


  • Sell My Rolex Watch

    Sell Rolex Watches for the Best Price

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  • Name Jewelry - Custom 18k Gold Necklaces

    You Name it Custom Calligraphy Gold Necklaces

  • Want to buy a Brand New Panerai Watch? Look no further

     Buying a brand new Panerai:

    Finding a brand new Panerai watch from a respected company at a good discount can be a tough challenge. As dealers of many watch brands we have strong allegiances with many Authorized dealers and can get you almost any Panerai Watch you are looking for. Just give us a call or email us with the Pam Model # of the watch you are looking for, the dial color, gender, ect... Often times we have people that will have gone into the Panerai store and tried on a bunch of watches and found the one they want for sure. The only problem is the store will not offer any type of discount and will charge tax. When purchasing through us we will get you a great discount and also save you the tax if you are out state. 

  • Cartier Love Bracelets - Sell Yours

    Want to sell your Cartier Love Bracelet?

    First we should start off with a little background and info on one of the most popular bracelets that is around today.  The origin of the Love Bracelet was started by Cartier in 1969 designed by Aldo Cipullo. TBracelets in most conditions. If you are looking to sell yours feel free to contact us by email or phone at 213-629-3663.