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Custom Engagement Rings with 3D CAD

Custom Engagement Rings & Jewelry 3D CAD Designers

What Kind of Jewelry can I design?
Everything from engagement rings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings, and men's jewelry.

Engagement Rings

Looking for a unique designed engagement ring? if you can imagine the ring we can create it. Just call us with your idea or send us a photo or sketch of the design you had in mind and we will create it exactly as shown or with any changes you may want made to the ring.  We will manufacture many rings including ; custom wedding rings, custom engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond halo rings, pave diamond rings, micro pave halo rings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces, diamond studs, ect...

3D Computer- Aided Design Manufacturing 

To ensure only the finest quality, your custom design will be manufactured in-house and hand-finished by our craftsmen with over 30 years of traditional jewelry manufacturing experience.   

We use the best software's for C.A.D designing jewelry available including Gem Visions Matrix 8.0 , Rhino Gold 5.0.

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Rapid Prototyping

Contrary to common belief all wax model's are not created equally, there are many different wax printers and each should be used for their own purposes. Some machines have much better resolution then others for pieces that need fine detail and precise dimensions, others turn pieces out quicker but are more meant for lower quality pieces. Most will not use the best resolution printers as it takes much longer and is more expensive. We are one of the few companies that uses the highest resolutions thereby making your product come out better.

Solid Scape Max 2 and Solid Scape T76 Plus are among the printers we use.

A physical 3D model will be made exactly in accordance with your custom design! 

Hand Finishing

Have us bring your vision to life using CAD technology for an unparalleled quality and finish, quickly and efficiently.
Just fill out the quote form to provide the details and we'll have a realistic looking CAD image for your approval in no time!

About Ben-Dannie Custom Jewelry

Founded in 1979, Ben-Dannie is known in the fine jewelry industry for its award-winning designs, superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service.

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