Guide To Buying Rubies Online:

Buying Rubies can be quite difficult with limited knowledge, to buy them online is even more difficult even for experts. This guide will serve the basic purposed of outlining some of the characteristics of ruby and ways to determine that perfect stone for you.

ruby rings for saleRuby... July birthdays and celebration of the fortieth anniversary are traditional occasions to give Ruby. To this  day protection, passion and   healing are said to be  achieved when worn  as an amulet. 

My name is Ruby. King of the precious Gemstones "Ratnaraj" Descending from the terrifying dragon of ancient Burma known as Naga by way of her incubating magical egg. It has been said that my everlasting fire has decorated the thrones of great royalty throughout the world. Everlasting health and plentiful passion will be yours when you wear me as an amulet. The four corners of your land and all the area inside will be productive when I am touched to your estate. Inside your abode your lover will adore you for eternity and shower you with passion.

The Gem... Like Sapphire, Ruby is a variety of the mineral, corundum. Places like Africa, Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand are the locations mined. Yielding gemstones in a variety of qualities, sizes and colors of red.

Wear-ability... Ruby is among the most durable of all precious gems. Wear it daily and to your most fancy occasions. Always protect it from scratches and hard blows.