Precious Metals By Ben Dannie Jewelry

Ben-Dannie Precious Metals are carefully selected to reduce allergic reactions. Purity is always certified by an independent assay.

Ben-Dannie always uses the same undisclosed formula, this is the reason the unique luxurious color and feel is consistent in all our jewelry.

buying Gold and selling precious metals


Pure gold is 24 karat, but is much to soft to last the test of time for fine jewelry.
Ben-Dannie gold is hardened with special alloys including pure silver to achieve a distinguished color of 18 karat gold. This rich and satisfying color is consistent in all our jewelry styles.

Others, use cheaper gold that contains 60% or more non gold alloys. Theirs promote tarnishing and allergenic reactions. You can feel the difference when you hold a piece of Ben-Dannie Gold Jewelry in your hand, it's actually heavier!

All the gold you purchase from Ben-Dannie is certified 18 karat. It is a full 750 parts solid gold.


PLATINUM by Ben-Dannie

Ben-Dannies' Platinum is 95% pure platinum and 5% pure Iridium.

We never use the less expensive platinum that others offer as it may have 30% or more foreign alloys.

Ben-Dannie will only accept this precious metal when certified by assay straight from the refiner.

You can be assured our platinum will remain without

Your purchase will always be a full 950 parts pure platinum.