Citrine Colored Gems by Ben-Dannie

Citrine gemstone necklace pendant

Citrine... November birthdays, 13th anniversary celebrations and as a  talisman for the sign of Gemini. Cheerfulness and lightheartedness will be distilled from it's color.

Citrine is my name... female descendant of Amethyst. It has been said I looked at the sun and forever mirrored it's golden image. Stare into my brilliant soul and joyous happiness will abound you. I will protect you from the most ferocious roar of the lion as you wear me as an amulet. Harmony and focus will be gained form my energy, infinitely merging your mind, body and soul.

The Gem... Citrine is a variety of the mineral quartz, just like Amethyst. Many gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Citrine is commonly heated to permanently draw out it's sparkly gold color.

Ware-ability... Excellent for everyday wear, affordability, beauty and durability are the rewards from Citrine. Remove Citrine when engaging in activities such as active sports, housework or gardening.. Avoid home ultrasonic cleaners.