Tourmaline Colored Gems by Ben Dannie

Tourmaline Colored Gems

Tourmaline Gemstone pendant for saleTourmaline... Tradition does not limit us today. However, Tourmaline is  remembered as the birthstone  for October. Reward yourself  Feel it's energy, sustenance  for your soul. 

My name is Tourmaline. Like Jacob's coat of many colors, I too express myself in numerous hues. The birds in the sky, flowers in the field, as well as the mired of changing seasons are the distilled essences depicted in my many hues. My smile has a healing nature, touch my face and I will restore and revitalize your body's life force "Chi." Acquaintances will turn to friends and that special friend to a lover when I am worn as an amulet.

The Gem... Tourmaline, like nature itself, is found in almost all colors of the spectral rainbow. Most gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Heating or safely irradiating to produce irreversible dazzling hues, releases the inner beauty of Tourmaline, in the same way nature herself might have, had the conditions been right. Man continues where nature left off.

Wear-ability... Active people commonly wear Tourmaline, still they remove it before engaging in sports, gardening or housework which may cause scratches or damaging blows.