Jewelry Care Center

How To Care For Your Jewelry

Welcome to the Jewelry Care Center by Ben Dannie.


Your gold or platinum jewelry can be cleaned regularly in your home with any commercially available jewelry cleaner. We recommend you use a non abrasive type. By looking at your jewelry periodically you can make sure the clasps and joints are tight and secure and the settings snug.

Caring for DIAMONDS

You can make your own diamond cleaner with a mild solution of 1 part ammonia to 7 parts water, dip a small soft bristled brush in the solution and apply gently to remove foreign substances on the surface of the stone.

Diamond cleaners are also available commercially, be sure to only use non abrasive ones.


There are many varieties of colored gem stones and some require very special care. But all jewelry set with gems, needs to be handled with some simple safety measures:

  • Perfumes, household cleaners and the like should not come into contact with the gems.
  • Repeated and undue impacts against hard surfaces will take their toll on the stones and should be avoided.
  • Gems should not be subjected to extreme and sudden changes in temperature, as from hot to cold or visa versa.
  • When you periodically inspect the settings that hold the gem be sure the stone is snug and secure. This is particularly important for prong settings.
  • Many gems can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning machines so we advise against this method except when professionally done.