About Peridot Gemtones


Peridot Colored Gemstone Info by Ben Dannie

Peridot RingPeridot...Symbolism as the birthstone for August and celebration of the sixteenth anniversary are traditions given to us from the ancients. Today we  continue to associate  it with spring and  all that is new.  Peridot is my name. My existence stems back in time to the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, Pele. For it was her eyes that released me as gemstone tears. Since then I have come to be known as the "heavenly stone" as I have been found in the meteorites after riding them from the darken sky on their journey to earth. Strength and a lions courage will be given to you for your loyalty to me. My brilliant rays of calming light will bring you balance like the ancient meditations in their peaceful solitude.

The Peridot Gem Beauty:

 Colors that become more vivid and saturated in the light of dusk have earned this stone the moniker "evening gem." This gems color range consists of yellowish-green, bright green and beautiful shades of olive.

Wear-ability of Peridot:

Enjoy your Peridot by wearing it everyday, but exercise care by removing it while doing sports, housework or gardening. This will help to avoid sharp blows, scratches or extreme temperature changes. Avoid home ultrasonic cleaning.