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Custom Jewelry C.A.D. Services

The secret as a jewelry store owner to keep profits coming in and getting repeat and word of mouth business is to obviously have happy customers that loved the quality of workmanship and look on the jewelry you sold them. When using us to for your C.A.D services, casting, polishing,setting, ext...  you will create customers that will return to you for life and tell all their friends to go to you. Having great quality rings that don't make your customer come back to you and complain might be more expensive than mass produced or cheaply made rings, but your profits in the long term will exponentially be greater as you will have insignificant costs to fix rings that were poorly made or designed and when other people see your customers rings or jewelry and how great it is they will surely come to you. Aside from this main way of maximizing profits, there are six others that I will go over with you below...

custom jewelry design with 3D CAD


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Six ways to increase profits through C.A.D Jewelry Design

Rapid Prototyping allows your approved computer generated 3D model to be become a physical wax prototype in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods with flawless results, saving you time and money. Traditional methods require skilled workers to labor over wax molds, carving ever detail by hand. With our state of the art technology, once you are happy with the computer model of your design, a physical wax prototype can be printed in hours. 6 Reasons for Rapid Prototyping

1. "Love the ring do you suppose I could get the same design in platinum?"

If your customer wants to recreate an existing ring they own or a ring design in your store but they want it in white gold instead of yellow gold, or any metal instead of the existing one, we can recreate it to the exact specs and you can give your customer a brand new look.

2."I'm a designer, can you fabricate a ring that looks like this?"

You can send us any sketch, drawing, or .stl file you have created and we can produce from scratch your completed ring in as fast as 3-5 business days and on average 10-14 business days. If you have a rush job we can try an accommodate you and simpler projects can be completed faster. If you have a design but also would like to make changes to it we can provide that service as well.

3. "Gorgeous ring but do you have one smaller and less expensive."

Often a customer will come to your jewelry store and tell you about a ring they loved but it is far too expensive or too big for their taste. In this scenario you can now offer to make them the same ring but smaller and less expensive, creating a sale for you and also saving your customer money. A win win for both parties. The whole ring can be shrunk down to a smaller scale, or you can choose to just have the center stone smaller and the rest of the ring the same. Any ring can be customized completely to your customers dream specifications.

4. "I need this ring set with my 5 carat marquise next week"

Rush Jobs? No problem. If your customer is in a rush to complete his ring and or make any changes to it, we will do our best to accommodate you and make you and your customer happy. If we do not believe we can finish the job in the time frame requested by you we will tell you up front and how long our expected completion time would be. 

5. "We bought an engagement ring now we need a matching band."

Need a matching diamond band with no gap between the engagement ring and band? We will create the perfect matching band for your customer. Often times a customer will purchase bands to match there engagement ring, but because it was not specifically designed for that engagement ring there is a gap between the ring and band. Some customers cannot stand this and want to have one made that fits flush against the ring. We can cad design a perfect fitting band and eliminate this problem for you. Some examples of wedding bands that are popular are eternity diamond bands, half diamond bands, three quarter diamond bands, channel set diamond bands, pave bands, micro pave bands, anniversary bands ect... 

6. "I lost my earring can you make me an identical match?"

Customers often loose an earring or piece of jewelry and want to have it recreated from scratch. The item possible had sentimental value to them and they want it to be just like before. We can re create their lost item if they have a picture or sketch of what it was.