How to Buy a Diamond

Diamond buying info can be hard to find, here is information regarding purchasing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry from stores..
how to buy a diamond
The diamond quality pyramid helps visualize measuring quality...
Selecting a diamond can be a thrilling but often puzzling experience. Ben Dannie can assist in the evaluation of the stone..For the last 20 years people from many parts of the world have purchased Ben Dannie diamonds and gems.
Of particular interest is the Diamond Quality Pyramid.
Uniquely formed by nature from a single element...
Diamonds are the only gem nature has created from a single element, pure carbon. They have the distinction of being:
  1. The hardest material known to man. However they are subject to chipping from a hard impact.
  2. A substance that can unleash special reflective properties when cut with the exclusive process called BRILLIANCE PLUS by Ben Dannie. With this cutting style more of the light entering from any direction is totally reflected through the top and an increased amount is dispersed into a display of rainbow colors and sparkling flashes called fire.

The engagement ring has long been symbolized by the unique properties of a diamond. Ben Dannie Diamonds all come with a quality report to reinforce these timeless and enduring symbols.

Measuring a diamonds value...
The framework to help you compare diamonds is the Diamond Quality Pyramid. The most beautiful to the eye and valuable are those closest to the top. These are earth's rarest.
Even though all diamonds are precious, when they posses the finest combination of the 4 C's (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) they are the rarest and most valuable.
When visualizing a pyramid each of the "4 C's" of diamonds are represented on one of the four faces of the pyramid. The highest point on each face is the position given to the more rare and valuable.

types of cuts for diamonds


Diamonds that have a better cut are more brilliant and valuable...
This face of the pyramid is dedicated to the cut of the stone.
The brilliance and fire of a diamond are determined more by the CUT than any of the 4 c's. .When a gem has been cut to BRILLIANCE PLUS proportions by a master cutter, it is a splendor to behold. The BRILLIANCE PLUS gem describes a stone that has been cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions. It's symmetry with exactly placed facets, produces the ultimate in brilliance, fire and beauty.

Only the worlds most experienced and skilled cutters are used by Ben Dannie to make certain that all gems with our exclusive BRILLIANCE PLUS CUT will maximize brilliance, not carat weight.

grade diamonds by color



Diamonds that have purer color are more rare...
The most valuable are the purest and colorless. A true colorless diamond would be graded "D" and be the highest on the Diamond Quality Pyramid. The grades continue alphabetically to "Z".
You see, most diamonds, although appearing colorless, actually have slight tones of yellow, brown or gray and  have grades that include "M" and "O". These are represented lower on the Diamond Quality Pyramid. Still beautiful they are not as rare and therefore less valuable.

Ben Dannie will not sell a solitaire diamond below  "J."   

grade diamonds by clarity

The purer the clarity of a diamond, the more rare...
The term flawless is given when no clarity characteristics can be seen under 10x magnification. Diamonds possessing this greater clarity are more rare, valuable and highest on the Diamond Quality Pyramid.
You'll find some identifying characteristics in most diamonds. These natural phenomena, called inclusions, may be seen with 10x magnification. When they are very, very small the grade is VVS. 
These birthmarks from nature may look like tiny clouds, feathers or crystals. When they are very small or only slight, the diamond is graded as VS or SI.
The larger and more numerous the inclusions the less rare and valuable the diamond. When the characteristics can be seen with the naked eye the diamond may be graded as I1 to I3

Ben Dannie sells solitaire diamonds graded SI or higher.

value diamonds by carat weight

The more rare diamonds are of greater size...
Carat weight is on this side, the most valuable are the largest. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. A true large crystal is hundreds of carats and would rate high on the Diamond Quality Pyramid. 
The very largest diamonds are rare in nature. Although highly prized for their size, this alone is almost insignificant unless you also consider cut, color and clarity.

Ben Dannie will only sell Solitaire Diamonds that are well balanced. The 4 c's are professionally combined to assure beauty.


Shape is the outline or silhouette of the diamond ...
To decide on a setting you must first pick the shape of the stone.
When a diamond has been fashioned with Ben Dannie's exclusive Brilliance Plus technique you are assured that the stone has been CUT to maximize brilliance for each and every shape.

The shape you like will always be your personal choice. The Ben Dannie round is the most popular for Diamond engagement rings.

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