Emerald Colored Gems by Ben-Dannie

Emerald EarringsEmerald... May birthdays or a talisman for the sign of Gemini are not the only reasons to treasure me. Good fortune is also my prize.

Emerald is my name... the Incas sacred goddess. Back, back in time to when the expecting mothers were given me to protect them and lessen their pain during childbirth. The ancient woman have known me well. I will remind you of blossoming flowers as you touch my cool exterior and you will feel young forever. Your loved one will stay faithful and traveled roads will be smooth.

The Gem... Emerald is a variety of the mineral, Beryl, as is Aquamarine. The color and clarity varies from different mines located in such places as Brazil, Columbia and Zambia. Most gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Since man first prized it, most of Emeralds natural inclusions could be filled with a substance that optically is like emerald. This makes the stone more enjoyable to look at. Like reapplying wax on a fine automobile your Emerald may occasionally need reenhancement to again release it's full beauty.

Wear-ability... Protect your Emerald as you would a fine garment. Remove it prior to engaging in active sports, housework and gardening as Emerald is sensitive to hard blows and scratches. Never use harsh detergents, toothpaste or an ultrasonic cleaner.