Aquamarine Colored Gems by Ben-Dannie

Aquamarine Gemstone Pendant

Aquamarine... Give me for any occasion or just because. The birthstone for March. Health, hope, fidelity and youth   will be the traits of those that receive me.

 Aquamarine is my name, mermaids were given me as a gift from Neptune. Sailors were protected by my charm as the wind gently nudged them across the endless oceans in a time long, long ago. You will find the same true today as you adorn yourself with me in your travels and in your home. Safety, and happiness will fill your life and you will always be able to look into me like a tranquil pool of water to experience serenity.

The Gem... Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral, beryl. Gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Since ancient times, most aquamarine has been heated to permanently purify it's blue color.

Wear-ability... Your Aquamarine will be passed down from generation to generation when you protect it from repeated blows and sharp scratches. Gardening, housework and sports are the time to remove Aquamarine.