Amethyst Colored Gems Stones by Ben-Dannie 

amethyst colored gemstone ringAmethyst...The birthstone for February,  when celebrating your sixth anniversary or just because you're deserving. My color has long been associated  with passion and hope.

Amethyst is my name, the goddess Diana's handmaiden. With the gods fighting harshly, thousands of years ago, I found myself the object of their war. My goddess changed me into a clear crystal to shelter me from the anger of Bacchus. The fight subsiding, Bacchus, feeling sorry, calmly and softly poured the fermented juice of the grape over me, dressing me forever in violet. Evil and drunkenness you will be protected from as you wear me as an amulet. Direction and spiritual quiet will be your reward when you are in my presence. 

 The Gem... Amethyst is affordable, durable and beautiful. Which is why it is the most popular variety of the mineral quartz. Certain gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Sometimes Amethyst is heated to permanently purify it's purple color. Wear-ability... Amethyst jewelry will be passed through the generations safely when you remove it before activities which may cause scratches. However, wear it daily, at other times, to enjoy it's timeless beauty.