Design Your Dream Engagement Ring With These Steps

At Ben Dannie, we take your custom design idea and use rapid prototyping software to create a template for our assembly work. Regardless of what you are looking to create, we can make it from scratch. Custom Engagement rings, wedding rings, tennis bracelets, micro pave rings, riviera necklaces, ect... We can create anything. We have a quote form that you can fill out to get an estimate quickly. Just click here for a quote, once you click the link and fill out the forum we will email or call you back with any questions and or an estimate if we can.
Below are some basic steps that will take place when you are looking to create a unique and custom engagement ring. With our process it is very simple and user friendly, you can also always call us with any questions or concerns you may have. Over the last four decades of serving jewelry stores throughout the United States we have built a large clientele of customers that were sick of manufacturers that were not competent and could not meet deadlines or their needs. Our #1 interest is your satisfaction in getting exactly what you had imagined in the time you need it. 

Step One: Sketch or .STL File of Ring

Our first step in order to create your unique engagement ring is to send us your sketch or .STL file, if you do not have either you are more then welcome to tell us your basic idea and let us take care of the rest. The sketch should have the different measurements of the ring and diamond sizes if possible. You can also send us a picture of anything you like and let us know what changes you would like to make to it. This can include anything including ; changing amount of diamonds, shank width, head type, setting style, engraving, stone shape or size, ect... Below are three examples of what a 3D rendering of sketch or design can look like, The ring shown is for a Fancy Pink Radiant Diamond, set in platinum with a 18k rose gold head. After that the ring will be micro pave set around the head and halfway down the shank. Sometimes we show the completed outcome in the rendering but we also like to see it without the stones set to get that perspective as well. The first view is the 3/4 View, second is a side view, and last is the two piece view of the diamond ring.
CAD Design 3D Prototyping of Ring CAD Design 3D Prototyping of Ring CAD Design 3D Prototyping of Ring

Step 2 : C.A.D (Computer Aided Design) & Rendering for Ring

 Photos above are the cad renderings of the Engagement Ring, however below is a video demonstrating a little bit of how C.A.D software actually works. Rapid Prototyping and 3D C,A,D cam are other names commonly used, With C.A.D design you can alter any ring to your choosing, not only can you make custom rings but also necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, chains, ect... For diamond engagement rings you can change the setting style if you would like micro pave rather than just a solitaire. Can pick your halo setting ; bead bright, surface prong , bead bright with center bezel set, delicate French , scallop prong, these can all have either  sharp corners, cut corners, or round.  You can also change your center stone, for example if you would like a princess cut diamond instead of a round diamond. Other diamond shapes include ; radiant, emerald, cushion, cushion brilliant, oval, heart, ect...  

Some recognized C.A.D Software is ; 
Rhino Cad:
"World's most versatile 3-D modeling software, used in a wide variety of industries to create highly detailed models for printing and other applications."

Jewel Matrix:
"An innovative 3D software solution for created from the ground up for the jewelry industry"

"3D jewelry software "by jewelers for jewelers" designed to replicate the experience of bench jewelry design."

3D Pro-Space – FireStorm:
"A unique jewelry software that can be used to easily create simple and complex designs."

Step 4 : Wax Model & Casting Creation - Wedding Ring

Fourth step is to produce a wax model with the exact size and dimensions that the ring will be from the CAD Rendering Machine. Leading companies that make machines that print waxes are  Envisiontec, Stratasys Objet, Solid-Scape (Solid Scape Max) and more. 3D dimensional wax modeling is the bridge between the original idea and the finished piece. Small changes could still be made at this stage. After waxes are approved said wax model is  used for the casting process. No this Ring can be cast in any metal --- platinum, white, gold, rose gold, yellow gold, sliver, or palladium. This Colored Diamond Wedding Ring was chosen to be cast in two pieces, where its shank is in platinum and head in rose gold. Below is some pictures of a wax model we finished recently, we are one of the few if not only manufactures in Los Angeles, CA who will produce a whole ring from scratch in house.
CAD render prototyping Ring CAD render CAD render prototyping

Step 5 : Polishing, and Diamond Setting - Custom Engagement Ring

This is the step in which we set your stones (diamond or colored such as sapphire, emerald, or ruby) and polish the metal to your desired finish.  There is many different setting styles that you can chose to set the diamonds or colored stones in your ring with. Including all of the following ; Basket, Double Prong Basket, Claw Prong Basket, 4 Prong Peg Head, 6  Prong Peg Head, V Prong Peg Head, Bar, Bezel, Split Bezel, U Setting, Scalloped Setting , Pave, Micro Pave, and more, Diamond Setting can be done in many qualities of work which is different then what most people would believe or think, ranges include mass production in china where stones will constantly fall out, setting work is bad, stones are not calibrated properly, diamonds are crooked, ect.. There is also meticulous work done, we are a rare company in that we have such fine attention to detail and our setting work is top level. We calibrate to a tenth of a mm, when setting is prong set there is the exact right amount of metal for bead setting to ensure the stone will stay in the ring safely, we polish the inside of the head of the ring and other parts that most manufactures will leave rough, there are many other things we do to ensure you will be happy with your ring and a happy customer for life. 
Fancy Pink Diamond Ring Fancy Pink Diamond finished Fancy pInk diamond ring on edge


We custom build engagement ring pieces and build custom wedding rings to your exact specifications. Custom order jewelry directly from us online. Put our over 30 years of experience in custom made jewelry to work for you. Call us directly for information or create jewelry online and email us your design.