Rhodolite Colored Gems by Ben Dannie

rhodolite gemstone ringRhodolite Garnet... Known for January birthdays and a talisman for Aquarius, tradition is not the only reason to  wear me. Endless imagination, inspiration and determination is said to be derived when as an amulet I am worn.

Rhodolite Garnet is my name. The ancients placed the outcomes of major battles in my hands. Soldiers and Knights throughout time have been protected form sickness, injury or death when wearing me as an amulet. Query me and I will reveal the answers to your dreams. Love and devotion will ascend on those you care about when I am your given gift.

The Gem... Rhodolite with it's hues of burgundy, red and pink. Like exotic flowers the shades of color materialize in a variety of unique stones. Each one individualized for the wearer. Even though many gemstones need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in a piece of jewelry. Since ancient times, Garnet has been one of the few gems that only relies on cutting and polishing to release it's inner beauty..

Wear-ability... One of the six species of the amazing family of Garnets. Many active people wear Rhodolite, but to protect their stone from scratches and severe knocks they remove it before participating in active sports, gardening or housework and they avoid subjecting the stone to extreme temperature changes.