Cartier Love Bracelets - Sell Yours

Want to sell your Cartier Love Bracelet?

First we should start off with a little background and info on one of the most popular bracelets that is around today.  The origin of the Love Bracelet was started by Cartier in 1969 designed by Aldo Cipullo. The bracelet is famous for its locking mechanism. Every Love bracelet comes with a screwdriver which is used to turn the screw into place. The screwdriver can in turn be worn as a pendant by person who gave the bracelet away as a gift to signify the committed love between the giver and the receiver. The bracelet can actually be opened with any screwdriver so the one they give you is not actually 100% necessary. The Love Bracelet comes in numerous styles; 18k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, with diamonds paved all over, or just ones where the screws would be.

Here is one we purchased recently - We are always buyers for new or used Love Bracelets in most conditions. If you are looking to sell yours feel free to contact us by email or phone at 213-629-3663.

Cartier Love Bracelet

Cost of the Cartier Love Bracelet:

From June 2014 the retail price for the basic 18k yellow or rose gold bracelets are $6600 and with 10 diamonds where the screws are placed is $15,400. The white gold version is $500 more at a total of $7,100, and $500 more also for the 10 diamonds at a price of $15,900. As a branded classic, the Cartier Love bracelet has a high level entry price. Some of the most expensive Cartier's Love bracelets with diamonds or ceramic can exceed $35,000.

Specifications of Love Bracelet:

The Love Bracelet can very in weight do the fact that it comes in several different sizes, but most will be around 30 grams, typically the most desired sizes are 16 and 17 and as you get away from those sizes they become significantly harder to sell. When purchasing directly from Cartier you will most likely not be able to achieve any discount, they will give you the bracelet accompanied by a certificate of authenticity containing the serial #, date, and Cartier dealer stamp. It will also come with the screw driver and Cartier Box. Typically having all of these things will aid you in your sale along with the original receipt if available.

Popularity of Cartier Love Bracelet:

The Cartier Love Bracelet as worn by Kanye West and David Beckham has always had a mass appeal but has also been popular among celebrities and royalty. it’s so popular among a higher income area in New York City that some hospitals are known to keep a love bracelet screwdriver handy in case it needs to be removed for a women. It is a fashion investment that lasts through time, just make sure to leave extra time at the airport when going through security as it will almost surely set off the metal detectors.