Halo vs. Solitaire: Judging the look

Judging the look: Halo vs. Solitaire

So you have been looking for a ring for over a year now. You have been on every website and scrolled through countless instagram pages and hash tags. You’ve narrowed it down to something classic and simple. But now the final choice, do you go with the halo around the center diamond… For many girls, and future husbands choosing for their girls, this is the most critical detail of the ring. The center stone is the main focus of the ring, it’s what draws your eyes, and you want to know, will adding the halo enhance the center stone or become a distraction.


The solitaire ring is the most timeless choice for your engagement ring. It’s Simple, understated, and classic. Even if you know you want a simple solitaire ring, there are quite a few choices you will have to make; the number of prongs to hold the center stones, the shape, width, and thickness of the shank (the ring mounting), as well as the options to add diamonds down to the shank to name a few. If you’re going for the simplicity of a solitaire, then do just that- KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

The shape of your center stone is usually the most personal decision you will make. Round has always been the most popular shape but Cushion and Princess cut are both very popular today. You will most likely have the shape of your center stone picked out in your mind before you even begin to look for a ring. If you are leaning towards a solitaire setting, your center stone will be the focal point of the ring. The shape or make of your center stone becomes really important, especially in fancy shapes. Making sure that your Princess cut diamond is a near 1;1 square, or that your heart Oval shape is not too long or too "squatty" will greatly improve the overall beauty of your ring. Using only 4 prongs on the center stone gives a clean look and most people want the stone set as low as possible. If you are choosing a pre made mounting from a show case, you have to keep in mind that, that mounting is designed to fit a range of center stone sizes. Because the head of the mounting is pre-made, you will not get the best possible fit for the center stone, and it may sit higher, wider, or narrower than you were expecting. 

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Adding a diamond halo around your center stone is a a great way to increase the look of the size of your center stone. It is currently a very popular style, and can be a great way to add a little more sparkle to your ring while still keeping a classic, sophisticated look. Using small round diamonds set into the halo provides the cleanest look regardless of the shape of the center stone. Many people add the same outline of the stone for the outline of the halo-  round halo with a round center or a princess halo with a princess center- but you can have the outline of the halo differ from the shape of the center stone; a round center with a cushion outline halo is very popular. The make of the center stone is always important, but when adding a halo, you have a bit more a tolerance. 

If you are excited to go with a diamond halo engagement ring, having one custom made to fit your diamond perfectly becomes a necessity. There is a delicate art to balancing the size and number of the halo diamonds to the size of your center stone. You don't want the halo diamonds to overpower the center stone. The halo is all about enhancing the center stone, cleanly and precisely. If you and pick a pre-made ring out of a show case or from a picture online, your diamond center stone will not fit perfectly, especially for fancy shapes like oval, princes, and emerald cuts. You will likely end up with a ring that shows an unsightly gap between the center stone and halo, or a stone that will sit too high on the halo leaving it out there on its own susceptible to the elements.


Whether you choose a halo or solitaire setting, you are likely going to want a petite classic ring. Keep in mind your life style and that most modern women are active with their hands, allow your jeweler to give the ring some strength, don't ask for the thinnest possible ring.


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