Make a New and Hot Style out of your old Wedding Ring

Ready To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

We have been upgrading and updating all kinds of jewelry and diamond rings Since Ben-Dannie was founded in 1978. We differ from other designers and manufacturers in that we use the utmost precision and attention to detail when making or re creating your ring / jewelry. Lots of companies will outsource work to other countries where there is cheap labor. Or they are in the US but just do not know how to make a great product and the little details that we have learned over 4 decades. This leads you to believe you are getting a better price but in actuality you are getting an inferior product. Stones fall out, setting work is not up to par, diamond quality is lacking, ect... We always stand by our product and have a virtually 100% satisfaction rate. When picking the diamonds out to use, we individually calibrate every stones measurement  to be with one hundredth of millimeter  of each other. Most companies will not even come close to this range. Because the melee is slightly smaller or larger than the others around it it causes for tension and stones to randomly fall out. Not only that but the ring itself will not looks as good. 

butterfly ring

(Custom Ladies Butterfly Ring, Rose Gold and Diamond. D - F Color Diamonds, and IF - VVS Clairty. This is an example of a customers ring in which we took the old stones and melted the metal and remade it into a beautiful new design.)

Why upgrade?

Trading in your diamond ring for a new and updated style and or bigger stone has become more popular than ever—from replacing the old diamond to adding more diamond bling to your existing ring. The trend currently around the world with younger people is that they will purchase a starter ring, and a few years later, they’ll want it to be larger,  This is a way of showing affection and happiness for the relationship lasting.
 Some reasons why you may want to upgrade your diamond: 
    1 - Size: When you first got your ring you were happy with the diamond size, but over time you slowly see it as smaller and smaller. Its time for a bigger rock.

    2 - Style: You chose a setting that was during a fad time and not a classic styling, the style has gotten old and played out... You want something new and unique to replace it.

    3-  Stones: You’d love to add more stones to your original ring - Many people are loving the Micro Pave Halo ring style these days.  Not only will it make your diamond look larger but will add a classic look.
    4 Setting: You inherited a piece of jewelry from someone you were related to and want to turn it in to a new piece or something a couple new pieces of jewelry in case you need to hand it down to multiple family members.. Or it was too much and you would rather have a more everyday ring that reflects your own likes.