Rolex Submariner 16610 and 14060M Ultimate Review

Rolex 16610 Submariner Diver Rolex

One of the most imitated but never duplicated wristwatches on the planet, the Rolex Submariner is the iconic sports watch of the last half century. Its styling is so simple and classic that it projects elegance when needed but rugged enough for the everyday. The contrasting black rotating bezel with white block numbering complements the glossy black dial with white gold surroundings while accentuating the robust steel case and Oyster bracelet. Catching the dial at different angles and in different light, can cause the reflections to dance above the watch a reveal the rich texture of the dial itself. The larger sized Trip-Lock crown adds just the right look to even out the near perfect dimensions of this watch.
The Submariner Oyster Perpetual Date 16610

Rolex 14060 Submariner Details

The addition of the date to the Rolex Submariner is a very convenient function. Although the Submariner is has roots in deep-sea diving where a date function is not necessarily needed, it is still a welcomed addition to the many of us that are mostly keeping our feet firmly planted on terra-firma with the occasional dip in the pool. The addition of the date does not compromise the integrity of the legendary Rolex Oyster case. It does include the Rolex magnifying cyclops on the surface of the Sapphire Crystal to better read the time. Other than the Rolex Crown logo, the magnifying Cyclops is one of the most recognizable traits of the brand, appearing on almost every watch with a date dating back to birth of Rolex with the exception of those of the Sea-Dweller line. 
The Submariner Oyster Perpetual (No-Date) 14060M
Almost identical to its date counterpart but without the date and cyclops, the 14060M is choice for those looking for a more minimalist clean look. This is the dive and Rolex purists watch. Nothing to clutter the dial, just pure and simple to accentuate the watch’s main purpose- to go into water- and go deep into water. This is simply a tool watch, a divers’ watch. 

Features of the Rolex Submariners:

Waterproof to a certified depth of 300m - 1000ft 

Triplock system waterproof crown, featuring a triple gasket system, identified by three dots on the crown. Hand-tightened into the crown to prevent leaks into the movement. 
Case made from solid block of 904L stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant alloy, made in Rolex's own foundry.

Unidirectional bezel that enables a diver to memorize and follow immersion time.
Perpetual rotor in the self-winding wristwatch mechanism, allowing the watch to run continuously, as every slight movement of the wrist winds the movement. The energy generated is stored in the mainspring, allowing the watch to continue to function with no movement for several days. Each movement is a Swiss chronometer officially certified by the COSC.
Rolex calendar mechanism that advances to the next date at midnight in a single short rotation.
Removable hologram on the caseback, featured until 2007.
Recent models of the Submariner and Submariner-Date (late 2008) feature a distinctive "ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX" and serial number engraved on the "inner bezel" or "Rehaut".
Stainless steel Oyster style bracelet with diver’s extention and diver’s claps.