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Just complete our get a quote form by clicking here for an Instant Free Quote or call (800)-551-1554 for immediate help. .  If you are looking to find the value or selling price of your used Rolex watch, contact us for a free no obligation evaluation.  With over 4 decades of being in business with 100% positive ratings, you can be sure to get the most current pricing for your watch. So if you are searching "sell my Rolex" hoping to find the value of your secondhand Rolex, Call Us. 

We purchase from the following cities for those looking or searching to sell Rolex watches for the best prices:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Houston
  • Boston
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas
  • Carmel
  • San Diego
  • Austin
  • Philadelphia
  • Malibu
  • San Fransisco
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix
  • Denver
  • Manhattan


 Why Choose Us?

Simple....We are the most reliable and will do our best to get you the most for your watch with a good experience,

  • We pay immediately with check or bank wire
  • We have been  Rated "A" with The Better Business Bureau since being incorporated.

 We buy all makes and models of Rolex watches including but not limited to the following:

  • Selling your Rolex Submariner
  • Sell my Rolex President
  • Sell a Rolex Datejust
  • Sell My Rolex Daytona
  • Sell Your Rolex Watch
  • Sell My Vintage Rolex
  • Sell a Ladies Rolex watch
  • Sell Your Gold Rolex
  • Selling a Datejust II

We can purchase your rolex watch in any condition, working or needing major repairs.


How to Sell a Rolex Watch

To sell a Rolex Call (800) 551-1554 for a free phone appraisal on your used Rolex watch, or fill out the form to the left to receive an estimate.

When asking yourself  "How do I sell you my Rolex Watch?" or "where to sell my rolex watch to the best buyers?". It can be made very simple by us,  but to show you how simple you would just follow the steps below...


  • Step 1: Fill out our quote form by clicking here
  • Step 2: ship or bring your watch into us to evaluate
  • Step 4:We receive your Rolex, and gives you and exact price for your watch
  • Step 5: Pay you by wire or check

For more information about how to buy or sell with us call 800-551-1554


Why Sell Your Rolex to us?


The more you tell us about your watch the more accurate our estimate or quote of your Rolex watch will be. It always helps to include a picture and all the details on the piece.

Once you fill out the online quote form for your watch we will email or call you back typically the same day or next day. When we reply we will also include detailed instructions on how to get it to us or bring it in.  

The quote form asks just a few basic questions about the Rolex you want to sell.  

Rolex over the years has sold millions upon millions of watches. We realize lots of people either do not like their watch anymore, or could use the money that their Rolex watch is worth. We strive to make the process of selling easy, quick, and safe. We buy watches every day from all over the world through the mail, but also are open to walk-ins to our Los Angeles store to sell your Rolex or buy at the best market prices. Whatever your reason is to sell, we are the place for you if you are looking for great prices and great convenience. 

We are currently purchasing lots of different Rolex watches ranging from the Submariner to Rolex DateJust to Rolex President. We are experts and will evaluate your watch for what it is really worth factoring market demand and availability as well as the condition of the watch and any repairs that need to be made. 

We have a passion and appreciation for the history and incredible ingenuity that goes into each and every pre owned Rolex watch that Rolex sends to its Authorized Dealers. With this understanding we can give you some of these most competitive prices to sell Rolex sporting watches. We buy watches from private parties and resell them after fixing for a small margin. So if you are searching to sell your Rolex, deal with the direct source for selling and come to us.


Sell Your Pre-owned Rolex Watch

Sell at Market Value

Rolex watches are such an interesting product. They are expensive but they are also build to stand the tests of time if you take care of them, they also end up being a pretty solid purchase due to low depreciation. Rolex sells so many watches trough authorized dealers that in turn there ends up being a huge secondary market maybe even one of the biggest of any products. For a long time until recently they had the only ban in US customs that would not allow any Rolex to be Imported into the US.  When you buy a Rolex,  it is not always a one owner watch, some people pass them down or sell frequently in order to have different watches, they usually will last through multiple generations. That is the main reason why Rolex Watches will hold their value well so when you are looking to sell you can look to us for a fast efficient deal.