Want to buy a Brand New Panerai Watch? Look no further

 Buying a brand new Panerai:

Finding a brand new Panerai watch from a respected company at a good discount can be a tough challenge. As dealers of many watch brands we have strong allegiances with many Authorized dealers and can get you almost any Panerai Watch you are looking for. Just give us a call or email us with the Pam Model # of the watch you are looking for, the dial color, gender, ect... Often times we have people that will have gone into the Panerai store and tried on a bunch of watches and found the one they want for sure. The only problem is the store will not offer any type of discount and will charge tax. When purchasing through us we will get you a great discount and also save you the tax if you are out state. 

What comes with a brand new Panerai?

If you are looking for an official authorized Panerai watch there are importing things to look for when purchasing.
  • Make sure the watch is 100% brand new condition - this means never worn with all protective plastics
  • The watch should come with all accessories, this will always include the Panerai box, Panerai Official two year warranty filled out with your name and current date. It will also sometimes be accompanied by an extra strap and or screw driver.
  • For the warranty card- Make sure it is the Panerai warranty card and not a 3rd party warranty from the selling company. If it is official Panerai warranty you should be able to bring the watch into any Panerai authorized dealer for as long as the warranty card is valid and they will fix your watch for you free of charge should there be any problems. If a company tells you that you send it to them for the warranty then it is not an official brand new Panerai. Below is a picture of how the Panerai watch comes when it is brand new. Notice the credit card that is the official warranty card, it will say the authorized dealers info where it came from and have your name and current date. It will also come with the Panerai booklets and Chronometer certificate.

Most Popular Panerai Watches

Below are some of the most popular Panerai model watches. They make tons of different models so this is just a few of them.
Panerai watches
Panerai PAM00112 Aka Pam 112. The 112 is a Panerai Luminor Base 44mm. This is the classic Panerai that most people get and most people start their collection with. The 44mm case is large on most wrists and is the classic Panerai size and shape with that signature crown protector. It is a base model, a Panerai “base” dial has only two hands, hours and minutes, with no seconds hand and no date. This makes for a simple yes beautiful dial with four numerals: 12, 3, 6 and 9. The 112 also has a sandwich dial where the numerals are cut out of the top layer, exposing the luminous layer underneath. The sandwich dial is a Panerai hallmark. The 112 uses Panerai’s OP X caliber movement Although not a in-house movement, this is the movement that really says Panerai because it is simple and solid. You can view the movement through the back  and it looks amazing. 
Panerai watches
A close runner-up would be the PAM00111 or Panerai Pam 111. The 111 is a Luminor Marina, as opposed to a Luminor Base, which means it has a second hand located as a subdial at 9:00. Aside from that, it is basically the same as a 112. Some people prefer the base dial for simplicity but others want a second hand since it can be useful. Never worry about the strap on a PAM because they can be changed so easily and there are so many options out there. When buying a PAM, focus on the head of the watch itself and find your ideal strap later.

Panerai Pam 111.

If you put three different Panerai watches in front of most people they would most likely tell you they all look the same. When collecting Panerai's you start to notice and love the subtle differences between the models. The Luminor Base is so different to a Luminor 1950 PAM00312, Pam 213, Pam 233, ect... Even a Luminor 1950 PAM00359 is totally different to a PAM00312 which is what makes these watches so special.

If you are looking for an automatic watch as opposed to manual there are several to consider. For example the Luminor 1950 range. The 1950 case is cushion shaped and sits huge on the wrist. Most of these pieces use Panerai’s own in-house movements and come in 44 mm, though there are a few 47mm cases. The Pam 351 for example which is actually a titanium case. It uses the Panerai P.9000 movement- an in-house automatic movement with 3 days power reserve. Different variations of this piece are the 312 and 359. These Luminor 1950 are certainly more expensive but look amazing.

One of my favorites even though it is out of most peoples budget or price range for a watch is the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 day power reserve Pam00507 ( Pam 507) aka the Bronzo. This watch is truly spectacular in every way. It is a bronze case and the unusual yet fascinating thing about it is that when you first get the watch it will appear shiny and new. However over time as the bronze begins to oxidize it will change color. Depending on your climate and how often you wear it it will change differently. This gives every owner a unique experience and a different looking watch.  

Other popular models include: 

  • The Radomir Black Seal Logo Acciaio, Acciaio No Logo, Ceramic, 3 day automatic Acciaio, Composite (Pam 380 , Pam 183 , Pam 292 , Pam 388 , Pam 505)
  • The Radomir GMT 3 Day Gold , 8 Day Power Reserve , 10 Day GMT , 3 Day Composite .( Pam 421 , Pam 323 , Pam 504 , Pam 346 , Pam 384 )
  • The Luminor Marina 1950 3 Day , Left Handed 3 Day , 3 Day Automatic , 3 Day Automatic Titanium , 3 Day Oro , Submersible 3 Day , Submersible 3 Day Titanium , GMT Ceramica , Tuttonero , Rattrapante , Monopulsante , Carbotech (Pam  372 , Pam 557 , Pam 523 , Pam 392 ,  Pam 449 , Pam 359 , Pam 312 , Pam 328 , Pam 352 , Pam 305 , Pam 389 , Pam 329 , Pam 441 , Pam 438 , Pam 321 , Pam 233, Pam 335, Pam 289 , Pam 530 , Pam 616 ,Pam 580 )
  • The Luminor Base (Pam 000 , Pam 112 , Pam 560 , Pam 005 , Pam 104 , Pam 48 , Pam 24 ,Pam 88 , Pam 90 ,
Panerai white dial