• Micro Pave Diamond Halo Rings - What makes this styling so popular.


    Lets talk about Micro Pave diamond halo rings!

    Micro Paves popularity for the past several years has been on the rise,  and appears to be more than just a fad. Despite lower prices due to lower quality made pieces from overseas,  micro pave is still in demand.

  • Make a New and Hot Style out of your old Wedding Ring

    Ready To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

    We have been upgrading and updating all kinds of jewelry and diamond rings Since Ben-Dannie was founded in 1978. We differ from other designers and manufacturers in that we use the utmost precision and attention to detail when making or re creating your ring / jewelry. Lots of companies will outsource work to other countries where there is cheap labor. Or they are in the US but just do not know how to make a great product and the little details that we have learned over 4 decades.

  • Recreate Your Ring

    I received from the customer her engagement ring she felt was a little plain-Jane and outdated. She wanted to update the look with a little more sparkle while maintaining the integrity original look her husband picked out years ago. By using her marquise center stone and side triangle as the corner piece of the design, I had redesign the mounting to incorporate a halo of micro-pave round diamonds

  • Custom 6 Carat Diamond Ring Radiant Cut

    This is an example of a custom diamond engagement ring we made for a customer. It is a 6 Carat + Radiant Shape Diamond set in a platinum diamond halo ring. This ring was created from scratch starting with the cad cam design. Once the rendering was approved we set to cast the ring, followed by setting and polishing. This below picture is how it turned out, which the customer was amazed with the results. 


  • Custom Designed Diamond Engagement Ring

    We just finished a custom diamond engagement ring for a new customer. He was getting re married and wanted to get something unique for his new bride to be. We went over some designs we thought she would like and then went to work on making the Cad Design. Once we rendered the Cad Design for him to approve he gave us the go ahead to fully manufacture the diamond ring. It was a 3 Carat Round H VS2 Center stone prong set in a custom engraved 18k White Gold ring with Yellow gold trim. The ring came out just as he expected and she was so happy with the final result. Pictured of the finished diamond engagement ring below...
  • Rolex Serial Numbers - Explained

    Rolex Serial Numbers Converted to Year Made Chart

    Rolex watches have two sets of numbers in order to identify the watch,
    a Serial Number and a Case Reference Number (aka Model Number).

    On most Rolex watches 
    these numbers are engraved between the lugs


  • Rapid Prototype Jewelry- Coin Frame

    One of our customers called us wanting to have a coin bezel frame made from scratch for a coin. They wanted it to be made in 18k Yellow gold and D-F Color and Flawless to VS Clarity. Since we were making it from scratch we would start with the Rapid Prototype Cad Design. CAD stands for computer aided design, we use this to make custom designs into a 3D model. The Cad Machine will then send the info to a printer which grows the design into a wax model.




  • History of the Rolex Daytona - King of Rolex Watches

    Cosmograph Daytona

    History of the Rolex Daytona - King of Rolex Watches

  • Rolex Submariner 16610 and 14060M Ultimate Review

    Rolex 16610 Submariner Diver Rolex

    One of the most imitated but never duplicated wristwatches on the planet, the Rolex Submariner is the iconic sports watch of the last half century. Its styling is so simple and classic that it projects elegance when needed but rugged enough for the everyday. The contrasting black rotating bezel with white block numbering complements the glossy black dial with white gold surroundings while accentuating the robust steel case and Oyster bracelet. Catching the dial at different angles and in different light, can cause the reflections to dance above the watch a reveal the rich texture of the dial itself. The larger sized Trip-Lock crown adds just the right look to even out the near perfect dimensions of this watch.
    The Submariner Oyster Perpetual Date 16610
  • Welcome to Ben-Dannie, Inc.

    Ben Dannie is a full service jewelry manufacturing company that allows you to make your vision a reality by using state of the art technology combined with over 30 years of traditional jewelry manufacturing expertise. 
    Use our free comprehensive quote service to get started now! What Kind of Jewelry can I design? Everything from engagement rings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings, and men's jewelry.
  • About Peridot Gemtones


    Peridot Colored Gemstone Info by Ben Dannie

    Peridot...Symbolism as the birthstone for August and celebration of the sixteenth anniversary are traditions given to us from the ancients. Today we  continue to